Why Are The People In Charge Of Teaching Our Children So Stupid?

Send your kid to college and he may be taught by real live, terrorists, Communists, and other worthless degenerates. And that’s after he’s already gone to high school, where no one in charge seems to have any common sense whatsoever…

A girl who borrowed a friend’s asthma inhaler at school has now been expelled.

The incident happened in January at Lewis-Palmer Middle School in Monument. Both the girls and their families are unhappy with the punishment.

The school’s punishment strikes one of the families as uneven justice. The school said the girls broke the district’s drug policy. Their families call the incident an accident and the school’s discipline heavy-handed.

For 10 days Breana Crites and Alyssa McKinney sat at home while suspended from school. The two were in gym class. Crites complained of trouble breathing, so McKinney lent out her asthma inhaler.

“I know what it feels like not to being able to breathe and I know how hard it is and I just took that into consideration,” McKinney said.

The two were sent home. Two weeks later McKinney was allowed to return. Crites however, was expelled.

“She should be back in school,” McKinney said.

“I think absolutely the suspension was appropriate,” Superintendent John Borman told CBS4 in January.

Of course, the suspension wasn’t appropriate. Anybody with half a brain can tell you it’s not appropriate. The fact that John Borman thinks it’s just peachy shows he’s far too stupid and rigid to be in charge of anything important like a school. How did we even get to the point as a society where we took these small little men, these unthinking bureaucrats like John Borman, and started giving them the power to make decisions, which they don’t use because they never learned how to lead anybody in the first place? We live in a world full of mediocre tyrants who only know how to blindly follow rules because they have no moral courage and no judgment and then we bemoan their stupidity, as if they’re an act of God we have to put up with. They’re not. Fire John Borman and replace him with someone who has the God-given sense to see that a kid trying to help her friend isn’t the same as two kids passing crack to each other in the hall.

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