A Tuesday Full Of Awesome: Mike Lee, Tim Scott, And Nikki Haley All Win!

Yesterday was a great day for conservatives.

Nikki Haley, who’s a strong conservative, easily won a run-off race for : governor in South Carolina. If she wins the general election, she’ll be the first female Indian-American governor in the country. The latest poll I’ve seen has Haley up by roughly 20 points over Democratic candidate Vincent Sheheen.

Another conservative, Tim Scott, also handily beat Paul Thurmond, Strom Thurmond’s son, in the run-off in SC’s first congressional district. Just in case you’re wondering about Scott, I met Tim Scott at a Republican women’s luncheon we were both speaking at and I found him to be an extremely impressive guy. Additionally, there are currently no black Republicans in the House. Since the first district is a heavily Republican district, Scott’s victory means we’re guaranteed to have at least one next time around. That being said, I suspect that Scott will be one of several black Republicans to take congressional seats in 2010.

Last but not least, as many of you know, the squishy : senator from Utah, Bob Bennett, : was denied a chance to represent Utah again at the GOP state convention. Well, : last night, the conservative Tea Party candidate, Mike Lee, knocked off the establishment candidate, Tim Bridgewater, in a tight election. In a state as conservative as Utah, barring a major scandal, that means Lee is guaranteed to head to the Senate in November.

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Speaking of squishes, sitting congressman Rep. Bob Inglis, who was too moderate for his district, was crushed almost 3-to-1 by Trey Gowdy. If only Lindsey Graham had been up for reelection this time around instead of in 2008, we could have probably gotten rid of him once and for all.

Put :  all those races together and it was one great night for the Right!

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