Barney Frank’s Opponent Gets Rousing Welcome

To get this audience going, all it took was for this guy to say he was running against Barney Frank.

In sending in this link, a reader offered, “I’m becoming more and more convinced that Frank believes he’s vulnerable which is why he’s behaving the way he has been lately ie Saying Fannie and Freddie should be abolished, etc.” : Just over a week ago, Jim Geraghty cited a poll from the Bay State indicating that “54% of registered voters inMassachusetts: are either somewhat or very likely to vote against their incumbent Democratic Congressman this November.

And in Barney’s district, McCain ran two points ahead of his statewide tally suggesting that perhaps 56% of the voters in the 30-year incumbent’s district are inclined to vote the mean-spirited Democrat out.

You can support Sean Bielat’s campaign here.

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