Free Home Calling for Any Conservative Candidate/Cause

My friend Aaron Marks is a sharp, conservative tech guru. He goes to Republican events, he works with campaigns, and he really wants to see the GOP do well this year. So, he wants me to help publicize an offer he’s making — and, yes, this is legit:

Our Phone From Home platform allows a campaign or organization to upload voters, create calling assignments, and allow supporters to make calls to these voters from the comfort of their own homes. The tool has been used by many campaigns, including Bob McDonnell, Danny Tarkanian, Charlie Baker (GOP candidate for MA Governor), and a number of other statewide and Congressional campaigns. It truly can have a huge impact in winning an election — for example, the McDonnell campaign was able to make thousands of additional GOTV calls because people were able to make the calls from the comfort of their own home. There are going to be a lot of competitive races, and there’s obviously a real shot to retake one or both houses of Congress, as well as many governorships and more.

If you’d like to check it out, you can demo the tool from a volunteer’s perspective by going to — that link is a private location we use to show potential clients how the McDonnell campaign used the Phone From Home functionality.

I realize how important it is that we win this election in an unprecedented way — and I’m in this business not just for myself, but because I believe in the cause. Accordingly, my company is offering the Phone From Home platform 100% free through election day to any conservative candidate or organization. Candidates/organizations can sign up by simply going to:

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This technology can really help campaigns with their get out the vote efforts. So, if know of a campaign that needs something like this, point them to this post. It may make a real difference for them in November.

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