Quasi-Live Blogging The Brown/Coakley Race: We Win, They Lose!

Quasi-Live Blogging The Brown/Coakley Race: We Win, They Lose!

9:11: Fox has now called it for Brown. In other words, the Coakley campaign just drove into the drink at Chappaquiddick.

9:12: Howard Dean just blamed George Bush if Coakley loses. He also says it’s CERTAINLY not Barack Obama’s fault.

9:13: I have to admit, I was still a little nervous about this election going in. The thing that reassured me? When the Coakley campaign and the Democratic Party were fighting over who was responsible for losing the race while people were still voting.

9:14: Tonight, I am watching and enjoying The Rachel Maddow show. She’s putting on a happy face, but…

9:22: Per Mary Katharine Ham on Twitter, Coakley has conceded.

9:31: Chris Matthews is a guest on Maddow now. Matthews thinks this was all about the deficit. Maddow thinks it was about the public correcting for the large Democratic majority. There’s a grain of truth there, but they’re ignoring the elephants in the room: Obama & socialized medicine.

9:32: Oh wow. Chris Matthews just admitted the CBO numbers for the health care bill are going to dramatically understate the cost.

9:34: I’m going to write a post on this tomorrow, but were I betting, I think the odds are that Brown’s win will kill Obamacare.

9:40: Hilarious tweet from liberal film critic, Roger Ebert: “Massachusetts to Teddy: “F–k you.” Ha, ha, ha!

9:42: The crowd at Scott Brown’s headquarters is chanting, “Yes, we can” and “John Kerry’s next!”

9:46: It wasn’t even close enough for the Dems to try to steal it. So, how long do the Dems take to seat him and can Kirk vote in the interim? Republican legal eagles say Kirk is no longer eligible to vote after today. If so, there’s no reason for Dems to drag their feet.

9:55: Via Twitter: @hambypCNN: Jim Webb: ‘only be fair & prudent we suspend further votes on #hc legislation until Brown is seated.”

10:13: “The problem is this we are spending almost a trillion dollars and folks are telling me I should vote yes and we will fix it later. You wouldn’t buy a car for a trillion dollars and say yeah, it doesn’t run but we will fix it later.” — Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.)

10:17: From the comments section: “What? No dancing Snoopy? I think this totally deserves it.” — Barph633 | Good point! If anything short of a Republican getting elected as President deserves a Dancing Snoopy, this does:

10:22: The Democrats got to try out their favored 2010 strategy in this race: They yelled “Teabaggers, Palin, and Bush” over and over. It failed.

10:26: Almost to a man, rank and file House Dems have said tonight they will NOT vote for the Senate bill. — NBC’s Luke Russert on Twitter

10:27 Fuller quote from Democratic Senator James Webb: “In many ways the campaign in Massachusetts became a referendum not only on health care reform but also on the openness and integrity of our government process. It is vital that we restore the respect of the American people in our system of government and in our leaders. To that end, I believe it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated.”

10:31: This has got to be a grand moment for Scott Brown. A month ago, almost no one thought he had a chance in hell to win. Now, he’s a rock stah!

10:33: Know what would be super hilarious? If Brown sent a special thanks out to Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party movement.

10:33: Scott Brown says he talked to Kirk and he “has completed his work as a senator.”

10:36: “This one’s for you, Mary Jo.” — Rush Limbaugh

10:41: “Obama did for Coakley the same thing he did for Chicago’s Olympic Bid.” — StanInTexas, from the comments section

10:43: Brown gives a shout out to John McCain, which reminds me that Brown will one day probably make conservatives want to claw their eyes out in frustration. Well, best not to think about that now.

10:45: From Twitter — hahahaha!

“RT @jeisman: I feel like we lost Ted Kennedy all over again.”

“gutito21 Turns out Ted Kennedy wasted his life”

“@Bobblespeak: Brown: “I will be a worthy succesor to the great Ted Kennedy. By crushing all that he stood for.”

“dalmaer That is how you treat Ted Kennedy? Screw you Mass. I hope this causes a second curse on the Red Sox :)”

10:48: Scott Brown is dropping the bomb on socialized medicine — which should remind people that it was the pivotal issue of the campaign and even in Massachusetts, health care is a huge loser despite the fact that Dems across the country have been using Ted Kennedy’s death to sell it.

10:50: Libs across America must be choking on the USA! USA! USA! chants during the Brown victory speech.

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