4 Early Republican Candidate Endorsements: Mia Love, Richard Mourdock, Dan Liljenquist, Sean Bielat

Are you looking for candidates who deserve your time, money, and attention in 2012? Well, here are four right off the bat that I think deserve a hard look from conservatives.

Mia Love: Mia Love is running for Congress in the 4th congressional district of Utah. It’s a winnable seat, but Love is up against Jim Matheson, a phony moderate Democrat who has proven very tough to dislodge for previous GOP challengers. That means it will be a tough race. However, Mia Love is an outstanding candidate. She’s charismatic, conservative, grassroots-friendly, and she has been a successful mayor in Saratoga Springs. If Love wins, she would also be the first black woman to ever serve in the House and I can almost guarantee you that she would not just fade into the background.

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Richard Mourdock: Mourdock is a strong Tea Party conservative who’s up against Dick Lugar, a mediocre, gun-grabbing RINO who loves earmarks, TARP, and amnesty for illegal aliens. On the other hand, Richard Mourdock is a strong Tea Party-friendly conservative who’s already essentially tied with Lugar early. Replacing Lugar with a conservative like Richard Mourdock would be a huge upgrade for conservatives in the Senate.

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Dan Liljenquist: Initially, I was a little lukewarm about mounting a big challenge to Orrin Hatch. Granted, he is 77 years old, he has been in D.C. for 35 years, he’s a big earmarker, he backed TARP — he’s certainly no Jim DeMint. On the other hand, he’s no Bob Bennett either. He does have a lifetime rating of 89 from the ACU.

Do keep in mind that Hatch is in Utah, which means there’s a zero percent chance a Democrat is going to win that seat. Moreover, I don’t think anybody alive should make a career out of being a senator. Hatch is shooting for 41 years in office and in my experience, senators age like cheese, not like wine. Additionally, after bending over backwards to suck up to the base in an effort to avoid a primary, Hatch recently let slip what he really thinks of Freedomworks, which is one of the grassroots conservative groups that has gone after him.

These people are not conservatives. They’re not Republicans. They’re radical libertarians and I’m doggone offended by it. I despise these people, and I’m not the guy you come in and dump on without getting punched in the mouth.

Moreover, since Mitt Romney is going to be our nominee, the importance of going after Republicans like Hatch has been increased exponentially. If Mitt Romney gets into office, the Republicans in Congress are absolutely 100% GUARANTEED to start drifting well to the left unless they are terrified of the Tea Party. That’s why going after Hatch has become much more important. If we beat Hatch, we put a much younger, more grassroots-friendly, more conservative candidate in place. There’s absolutely no question that Dan Liljenquist would be a much better senator than Hatch. Additionally, even if we come up short, it will still send a powerful, very necessary message to Republicans in D.C.: Your job is not safe unless you toe-the-line. That is the ONLY thing most of these Republicans in D.C. understand.

Sean Bielat: Former Marine Sean Bielat gave Barney Frank a scare in the last election cycle, but Frank was too entrenched and had too much money for Bielat to pull off the upset in a lopsided liberal district. This time around, the district has moved much more towards the center, which may be what prompted Barney Frank to retire. Still, Bielat has an extremely well funded, big name challenger, Joe Kennedy. That’s right, folks. If you help Sean Bielat win, you can help defeat a Kennedy AND put a Republican in Barney Frank’s old seat.

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