It’s Time To Rally Behind Todd Akin In The Missouri Senate Race

Akin was apparently trying to get across that percentage wise, there aren’t a lot of abortions that can be traced back to rape, which is true. He also noted that the child that’s being aborted under those circumstances isn’t responsible for the rape, which is also true. That being said, Akin’s comments were also extremely offensive and ignorant. There are a lot of people, including many conservatives, who were appalled by what he said.

…What happens if Akin doesn’t withdraw? Is it all over? Not necessarily. Akin’s comments were stupid, but politicians survive similarly stupid comments all the time. What that means is that seat probably goes from a 90/10 chance of a Republican pick-up to a 75/25 chance of a Democratic hold if he stays in. Aside from the damage this comment does to Akin’s numbers, the RNC, NRSC, and groups like Crossroads are going to be very reluctant to put resources into the race from this point on and there probably aren’t going to be a lot of Republican politicians willing to stump for him. Would it put Missouri in play or hurt candidates all across the country? I seriously doubt it because Republicans all across the country are landing on Akin with both feet. Moreover, Missouri isn’t shifting back to the Democratic Party this year either. It’s tilting too far our way.

So, why should Akin withdraw when Democrats seem to get away with saying similarly stupid things all the time? Because he said something so foolish and offensive that it will more than likely cost us that Senate seat and another candidate, like Sarah Steelman , could save it. Is it fair that Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren can continue on while Todd Akin probably shouldn’t? Nope. Is Todd Akin a horrible person because of his comments? Nope. In fact, he’d make a much better senator than Claire McCaskill. Unfortunately, the reality is what it is: Running for office is a big popularity contest and Akin hurt himself badly – and that’s his fault. In the end, the media didn’t screw Todd Akin; neither did his fellow Republicans. Todd Akin screwed Todd Akin with his dumb comment. — John Hawkins, August 21, 2012

Since Todd Akin made his boneheaded comments, I’ve been saying roughly the same thing. I thought his comments were dumb and extremely offensive, I thought it was unlikely that he is going to win and I thought he should have withdrawn from the race, BUT — and this is a big but, I think he would be a considerably better Senator than Claire McCaskill.

While I still think Akin is going to have a tough time pulling this race out because McCaskill has such a huge cash advantage, there is at least one dubious poll out there suggesting that he’s winning.

The new poll out Monday showing that Todd Akin is leading Claire McCaskill in their U.S. Senate race comes at a pivotal time.

And it better be a renewed wake-up call to all the Missouri Democrats and McCaskill supporters who might think she’s going to walk to victory over Akin because of his asinine comments on abortion.

The poll, by Republican-leaning Wenzel Strategies, shows a 49 percent to 45 percent lead for Akin. That’s up just a bit from the 45-42 lead Wenzel had for Akin in late August.

…McCaskill has a lead of several points in other polls, and her average lead in the latest Real Clear Politics post tops 2 percent.

Although I think Akin’s comments about rape were awful, Claire McCaskill has been an awful senator for Missouri and for the country. So, if the choice is between a selfish conservative who made a gaffe and a numskulled socialist, then Todd Akin deserves your support.

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