Joe The Plumber for Ohio’s 9th District!

Looks like Samuel Joesph Wurzelbacher, better known as “Joe the Plumber,” is getting closer to running for Congress. He’ll be taking on long-time left-wing Congresswoman Marcia Kaptur in Ohio’s Ninth District.

The Federal Election Commission has listed a registration for “Joe for Congress 2012” in Wurzelbacher’s name. This adds to the discussion that Joe was going to jump into the political arena back during the 2010 midterms.

You’ll remember Joe as being the fellow to whom then candidate Obama revealed his inner socialist in 2008. Joe asked Obama about taxes and, like the true socialist he is, Obama replied that he wanted to “spread the wealth” around.

I’ve heard Joe speak many times and met him on occasion. He’s as “real” a guy as you can imagine. No artifice, no fakery. His real-guy quotient should help him face the extremely left-wing Kaptur nicely.

Naturally, the unions and the hatemongers on the left are gearing up for a full-on assault on Joe. So, all conservatives should support the man. Especially for the fact that the district he might be trying to run in is rated as Democrat +17! A tough road to hoe, that.

Ohio machine Republicans, of course, are not happy. Joe is not good enough for them, apparently. This fact will certainly make him more attractive to many.

Good luck, Joe!

Joe and me in 2009

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