Michele Bachmann’s Myrtle Beach Fundraiser (8 Pics)

Michele Bachmann’s Myrtle Beach Fundraiser (8 Pics)

Michele Bachmann is doing a three day swing through South Carolina and last night, she did a small fundraiser in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The fees ranged from $35 for peons like me, up to $200 a head for the high rollers. Given that Myrtle Beach is a fairly small area, that didn’t seem like a bad deal. An hour in a room with Bachmann, hors d’oeuvres, and a chance to catch up with some of the local political heavies — all for $35.

The event was at The Original Benjamin’s, an extremely popular, local seafood place. There were probably 60-70 people attending, which is a good number for Myrtle Beach, although it probably made for a less than stellar haul for Bachmann. By the time she rented out the room and paid security (Some of them were locals), she probably didn’t make more than a couple of thousand bucks tops.

Still, the appetizers were great, Bachmann was about 10 feet from me the moment I walked into the room, and people seemed excited to see her.

I also got a chance to talk to Marcus Bachmann.

I told Bachmann that I was a little surprised at how much he’d been attacked and asked what he thought about it. I was interested in seeing his reaction because people outside of politics are often surprised at how savage, dishonest, and vindictive the criticism can be if they’re thrust into the public eye. Truthfully, Marcus Bachmann didn’t seem bothered at all. He also added that people had been aiming a lot of attacks at their clinic, but business has actually gone up as a result. So, thank you, liberals — and score one for the old “Any publicity is good publicity” line.

After working the room for awhile, Michele Bachmann gave a speech. It was actually nice to be able to hear her speak in a non-crowded room where you could listen from 10 feet away if you liked.

Before we got started, we bowed our heads in prayer. That’s probably NOT something you’re going to see at an Obama fundraiser.

Bachmann then gave her speech and answered a couple of questions, sans teleprompter. Although it doesn’t necessarily come through in this picture because the camera adds 20 pounds, it’s striking what a tiny little woman Michele Bachmann is. She’s 5 ft 2 in and maybe a shade over 100 pounds.

Also, it is perhaps irrelevant, but still remarkable how well she’s aged. She’s a 55 year-old woman who probably looks 15 years younger than she is despite living what would probably be considered a busy enough life for three normal people. It’s amazing and I certainly hope that I age as well as she has.

Bachmann’s speech was, as per usual, excellent. She took some shots at Obama, but none at other GOP contenders. A lot of her speech was a play on her standard stump speech, but she did hammer the point home that there is no reason we couldn’t have $2 gas again, which is actually a great issue for Republicans to push. She also made it clear that her primary strategy is to win Iowa and then take South Carolina. That’s a sound strategy.

After the speech, Michele Bachmann didn’t sign anyone’s chest like she did at her last Myrtle Beach rally, but she did sign a tie.

If I get another shot to do an event with Bachmann, I’ve really got to take something unusual for her to autograph. Happily, she also took some more pictures after her speech.

All in all, it was well worth spending the $35 for the event, although if you’re in the area and you’d like to see Bachmann for free, she’ll be at the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel today at noon.

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