Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama: The 7 Key States To Watch Down The Stretch

We know less about who’s winning many of the key states right now than you might think. There are very few polls that have been done since Obama’s convention bounce has dissipated and most of them are from agencies that are dramatically oversampling Democrats. Still, even if it’s a little hard to say where both candidates stand, we can pick out the key states to watch.

7) Nevada/Iowa (6 Electoral Votes — Tie): These are both small, toss-up states that could end up being difference makers in a close election.

6) Wisconsin (10 Electoral Votes): This is another state that consistently goes Democrat, but this year Paul Ryan appears to be putting it in play. Those 10 votes could be vital in a close election.

5) Michigan (16 Electoral Votes): Michigan is a state the Dems take for granted, but it’s still in play. If Mitt can pull off a victory there, it would reduce the importance of other states like Virgina and Ohio.

4) Pennsylvania (20 Electoral Votes): This is a state Obama is counting on that Romney has a genuine chance to win. If Romney defeats Obama in Pensylvania, the math for Obama gets much, much tougher.

3) Virginia (13 Electoral Votes): This is a state Republicans usually carry, but Obama won it easily in 2008. Romney can win without carrying Virginia, but it is a crucial state for him and Obama is running stronger there than he is across the rest of the south.

2) Ohio (18 Electoral Votes): In the last hundred years, only two candidates have been elected without winning Ohio. Both Obama and Romney have paths to victory without the Buckeye state, but chances are, as Ohio goes, the election goes as well.

1) Florida (29 Electoral Votes): If Romney loses Florida, it would probably take a miracle for him to win. Although the state is a toss-up, Obama is running stronger there than he is in some of the other toss-up states.

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