My Final Short & Sweet Case For Newt Gingrich

Why Newt Gingrich?

#1) At this point, given the national poll numbers and the money/resources available to the candidates, we’re realistically probably already down to two choices: Newt or Mitt.

What about the other candidates?

A) Ron Paul. Has money and organization, but isn’t electable.
B) Rick Perry. Has money and organization, but isn’t getting traction anywhere. This is particularly unfortunate, because Perry could beat Obama and would make an excellent President.
C) Santorum. He has no money and no organization. He’s surging in Iowa, but the moment the spotlight turns on his record, his numbers will plunge.
D) Bachmann, no money, no organization, no traction.
E) Huntsman, no money, no organization, no traction.

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Perry has an outside chance to being able to get back into the hunt if he can win South Carolina, but he was sitting at about 5% in the state a week and a half ago.

In other words, again, realistically, we’re probably already down to two choices: Newt or Mitt.

#2) Newt has an amazing conservative record of governance.

Newt led the GOP to the first takeover of the House in 40 years. He was behind the Contract with America. He was behind welfare reform. He balanced the budget. Multiple times. In DC. While working with a Democratic President. He had a career ACU rating of 90. No Republican since Newt has moved the ball forward for conservatism or for that matter, done half as much for the conservative cause. If you look back over the last years, three conservative politicians stand head and shoulders above all others: Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and Newt Gingrich.

At the end of the day, when it comes to Newt and the other candidates, you have to ask yourself what you trust more: An actual record of governance or rhetoric. If your answer is their record of governance, then Newt is your guy.

#3) Newt is very electable.

Without question, Newt is by far the best debater in the Republican field. He’s also proven that he has the guts to really go after Obama. If a Georgia native like Newt is the nominee, he will win North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida — all of which will be in jeopardy if Mitt’s the nominee. Additionally, Newt’s baggage is all out on the table and baked in the cake. Let the Democrats try to run on it while Newt runs on Obama’s record. That’s a battle we will win.

Let me also add that Newt brings something else to the table that no one else does: proven competence in D.C. Obama seems to be baffled by every problem we face and Congress has an approval rating of 5%. Americans no longer believe that ANYONE in D.C. knows what he’s doing. Newt has a depth of knowledge and a proven record of successful governance that the American people will find to be extremely appealing — compared to a proven failure who has no solutions and who blames everyone else for his terrible performance.

#4) Is America facing a serious crisis or not?

I believe America is facing some extremely serious challenges. The economy is stalled and could take a big hit if and when Europe implodes. Our spending is threatening to swamp our economy. Government regulations are slowing economic growth to a halt, driving up gas prices, and moving the country inexorably to the left. Since that’s the case, this is not the time for a Republican president to give up, embrace the status quo, or be content to tinker around the edges. It’s not enough to just kill Obamacare and then govern by whatever the polls say for the next four years.

We need someone with big, conservative ideas who has the courage to at least try to turn the country around. Newt Gingrich would be that kind of President.

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