What Are Cain and Bachmann All About?

In the lunch alert videos on DickMorris.com last week and this week, Herman Cain, and then Michele Bachmann was interviewed to discuss their candidacies and perspectives. What emerged is a fascinating portrait of these two people and what their campaigns are really all about. (Actually, a clearer impression emerges of their programs than they themselves have so far been able to articulate within the confines of the TV debate format).

Cain makes the fundamental point that he is the only candidate who is presenting a basic economic reform in his 9-9-9 program (9 percent personal income flat tax with no deductions, 9 percent corporate income tax and a new 9 percent consumption tax on everything). He says that all the candidates are promising to undo the damage Obama has wrought in his presidency by repealing the likes of Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. But he Cain says that all this will do is to roll the clock back to 2008, when the economic collapse started.

“Our economy was sick then and is sick now,” Cain says. He suggests that fundamental changes in our tax code (like the ones he is pushing) are the only way to cure the original problems that led to the roller coaster ride of the past few years. He criticizes Romney’s jobs program saying that it “only replaces one set of loopholes with another set” and says that his de-regulation proposals just replace Obama’s regulations but do nothing to restructure the tax incentives, which are so destructive to economic growth. A very, very good point!

Bachmann makes an intelligent point of her own. She says, that while every candidate promises to repeal Obama’s programs — health care and Dodd-Frank — that it is not so simple. She likens the job to cancer surgery where you have to get out every single cell from every single organ into which it has metastasized. Obamacare has infested each part of the health care bureaucracy from the U.S. Health and Human Services Department, Medicare and Medicaid to private insurance and the individual doctors’ offices and hospitals. Its effect won’t go away when a repeal bill is signed.

What of the tens of millions or formerly private patient records now sitting on federal computers? What of the health care rationing that is already taking place as a result of the data collection under the bill? Bachmann says that she was there when the bill passed, has fought it ever since and is the only one who knows how to root it out — all of it. Bachmann points out that a 3,000-page bill now runs to tens of thousands of pages of regulations. “This bill is still being written,” she observes. She makes the same point about Dodd-Frank, which has infected every aspect of the financial system and must be dealt with just as firmly. She points out that someone needs to understand the damage it has done to community, banking and federal regulation to realize how to uproot it and repeal it.

Both of these are fascinating points from very good people. Either would be a great president. We urge you to watch all four videos to get up to speed on what their candidacies are all about.

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