What Makes Anyone Think Mitt Romney Is So Electable?

Mitt Romney lost to Ted Kennedy in 1994.

Then, he decided to run for President because his approval rating was in the thirties and he would have lost had he run for a 2nd term as governor of Massachusetts.

Next, he lost to John McCain for the GOP nomination in 2008. This year, the entire primary process has been nothing but different candidates rising up the ranks because three quarters of the voters desperately want someone other than Mitt as the nominee.

Even Mitt’s own supporters tend to support him because they don’t like the other candidates or think he’s “inevitable.” As far as I can tell, just about the only people who get excited about the idea of Mitt being President are political consultants or Mormons who like the idea of putting one of their own in the White House. Once you get beyond those groups, even the vast majority of Mitt’s own supporters are lukewarm on him.

On top of all that, a slick northerner like Mitt is practically guaranteed to run weaker in the South than the other top tier contenders and lose his own home state of Massachusetts.

Yet, the chief argument for a candidate who’s 1 for 3 in races and would have been 1 for 4 had he run for a 2nd term as governor of Massachusetts seems to be “electability.”

Please folks, Not Mitt Romney!

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