A quick and dirty breakdown of the Fox debate

A quick and dirty breakdown of the Fox debate

If you’re a Cruz supporter, you probably didn’t love the debate because the moderators asked an inordinate number of questions that were designed to get the other candidates to attack Ted Cruz. If you’re a fan of the candidates other than Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, you’re probably a little annoyed that they kept feeding Marco and Cruz red meat questions while your candidate kept getting questions about more trivial topics. There were also some semi-annoying Youtube questions, but otherwise they did okay.

Here’s how it broke down.


7) Jeb’s considerably better than he was in the early debates, but he’s still at the back of the field.

6) Kasich was good…for Kasich.

5) Carson had more energy that normal and, as per usual, he had his moments.

4) Rand was better than normal, although still a bit churlish. He was helped a lot by a young, rabid cheering section.

3) Marco is generally good, but he seems a little angry these days. He had some good lines, but the beating he took over amnesty was just unbelievable.

2) Christie is consistently good in these debates and it never seems to help him.

1) Cruz was a little weak at the start and he had a joke that fell flat, but he brutalized Rubio on amnesty and successfully fended off a stageful of people trying to shiv him.

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