A Quick and Dirty Review of The Fox Business Debate

A Quick and Dirty Review of The Fox Business Debate

After the huge controversy over the CNBC debate, the Fox Business moderators were on their best behavior. They weren’t disrespectful, they didn’t try to push the candidates to fight with each other, they just asked questions of interest to GOP primary voters and let the candidates answer — well, and they said Hillary Clinton had an impressive resume.

foxdebate Other than that, they did a great job. This time around, there were only 8 candidates on the stage. That meant Huckabee and Christie got booted down to the kids’ table debate. It’s probably the right time to winnow the field a bit, but given that Bobby Jindal is showing some life in Iowa, I think you could make an argument that he deserved a chance to be in the real debate. Here’s a quick review of how everyone did, although in all fairness, I would say there was less of a gap between performances tonight than usual. Kasich was horrible, but everyone else was at least competent. 8) John Kasich: Kasich is so unlikable that it’s hard to pay attention to what he’s saying. You always get this “I’m wagging my finger in your face” vibe from him constantly. He’s awful.

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7) Jeb Bush: On the upside, this was probably Jeb’s best debate performance.

6) Rand Paul: This was a more substantial, wonkish debate that better fit Rand’s style and because of that, he came across better. Rand’s big weakness is the same one that Rick Santorum has: He just doesn’t sound good in nasty back and forth fights with other candidates.

5) Carly Fiorina: She’s very good at coming across as well informed and spewing out lists of things she’d do. Fiorina generally sounds good.

4) Ben Carson: Carson is always likable, but upped his game tonight and seemed a little more energetic.

3) Marco Rubio: The moderators always seem to protect him a bit by shielding him from uncomfortable questions, but he’s a smooth talker. Maybe a litle too much for his own good. Marco can come across as a bit slick at times.

2) Donald Trump: Trump sounds much more informed and dare I say it, presidential than he did in the first three debates. Also, he was right on immigration, TPP and Syria when a lot of people on the stage were off base.


1) Ted Cruz: Cruz was strong all night, killed on immigration and, yes, he was the one guy on the stage willing to say he wouldn’t bail out a “too big to fail” bank. He was just STRONG.


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