Bid for Higher Office by Tyrannical Bureaucrat Brad Avakian Falls Short

Bid for Higher Office by Tyrannical Bureaucrat Brad Avakian Falls Short

Among the worst tyrants to impose degeneracy at the state level is Oregon’s Commissioner of Labor and Industries Brad Avakian. He is best known for confiscating almost $137,000 from Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes Bakery in Gresham, on behalf of militant lesbians who were harassing them, while imposing a gag order on the victims, whom he eventually drove out of business. He praised a court’s obscene decision to force a Portland bar owner to pay $400,000 in damages for politely asking some cross-dressing troublemakers to stop driving away his customers. Every dog has its day; Hopefully Avakian’s is almost over:

Avakian looked to move up in the state government by attempting to run for Secretary of State. His campaign claimed that he would use his office to come down hard on corporations with audits, use his governmental powers to protect the environment, and police workplace pay.

None of these things being what a secretary of state does.

Avakian also promised to promote abortion.

Avakian claimed that even though the office has never done these things before, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tried. So it was that Avakian ran as a big government candidate for the secretary of state position in the very blue state of Oregon.

And Avakian lost. Handily.

What’s more, Avakian lost to a Republican, former state representative Dennis Richardson. Aside from being a Republican beating a Democrat out of office in Oregon, Richardson will be the first Republican voted into statewide office in 14 years. He won, despite being a noted social conservative who would audit public spending.

Could it be that moonbats have been overplaying their hand?

Unfortunately still on the job at the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries.

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