Bill Kristol to Megyn Kelly: Stop Being So Thin-Skinned

Bill Kristol to Megyn Kelly: Stop Being So Thin-Skinned

Megyn Kelly has seemingly dropped the ridiculous “feud” between herself and Donald Trump — but Trump can’t let it go, continuing to make jabs at her on social media in a pitiful attempt to revive the debate. And while Trump is the one so pathetic that he can’t move on from Kelly’s “sin” of asking him tough questions during a presidential debate, Bill Kristol is saying that the person who needs to stop being so thin-skinned is… Megyn Kelly?

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Weekly Standard founder and editor William Kristol went on with Steve Malzberg on NewsMax TV on Tuesday.

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Kristol weighed in on the Trump-Megyn Kelly controversy.

Steve Malzberg: Why is Donald Trump doing this again?

Bill Kristol: I don’t know, good publicity… Seems like maybe it’s a little excessive. On the other hand, you know, people in the news business should… They say things about other people, they shouldn’t be too thin-skinned. I’m not really disturbed by it. I just think it’s antagonizing to a fair number of Megyn Kelly fans who you’d think Trump might want to have on his side…

Steve Malzberg: Should Trump apologize to Megyn Kelly?

Bill Kristol: Ahh, he should just go on doing his thing.

Trump shouldn’t apologize to Megyn Kelly, but he should grow a pair and get over his hurt feelings. Yes, Kelly asked him tough questions, but 1) that’s part of running for president, and if he can’t handle that, then he’s going to be in for a rough ride when election season really kicks off, and 2) if Megyn Kelly intimidates him this much, then how in the world can he take on China and Russia?

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