Cruz Win Iowa, Hillary Barely Ahead Of Sanders

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(Fox News) Iowa’s Democratic Party said early Tuesday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had gained an insurmountable lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the state’s caucuses, but stopped short of officially declaring her the winner — while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz scored a decisive win over Donald Trump in the Republican caucuses, with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio a close third. (snip)

In at least three precincts, the Democratic outcome was so close that party officials ordered a coin toss to determine which candidate should receive an extra county convention delegate, a longstanding tiebreaking method. The Des Moines Register reported that Clinton won all three coin flips at precincts in Des Moines, Davenport, and Ames.

Despite his apparent defeat, the result reflected a strong showing for Sanders, who had trailed Clinton by nearly 30 points over the summer. Sanders said the results sent a “profound message” to the media and political establishment. (snip)

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With all but one precinct reporting, Cruz had 28 percent, Trump had 24 percent and Rubio had 23 percent. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson placed a distant fourth in the race with 9 percent, while Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul placed fifth with 5 percent.

Remember when Hillary was the overall presumptive nominee? Yet, an ancient White guy who happens to be a self-avowed Socialist almost beat her. It is essentially tied. As for the Republican side, it was a big win for Cruz, and, despite what some are saying that the 2nd place finish by Trump is bad for him, this was a very respectable showing for Trump, and means a long slog to the end. Which is the way it should be when picking a presidential candidate.

Rubio is also a big winner, having shown quite a bit of momentum. How about the losers?

Ben Carson held his 10 percent base, but his candidacy is short lived and beyond Iowa has minimal support.

The biggest losers are Bush, Christie and Huckabee. Bush spent the most money and dropped like a rock.

The big question, do any of those drop out? Huckabee, along with a defeated Martin O’Malley (who had just 1%), suspended their campaigns yesterday. Bush has never gained traction. Will he stick around through New Hampshire? How about Christie and Ben Carson? Another no one is mentioning is John Kasich. Yes, the same one the New York Times endorsed just a few days ago. He received a whopping 2%. Paul had 4%, Fiorina had 2%, and Santorum with 1%. Full breakdown on delegates and percents here.

(Bloomberg) Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ strong showing almost certainly denies Clinton a glide path to the nomination and prolongs the contest deeper into the calendar than Clinton hoped, by likely giving her opponent an infusion of cash and momentum.

It’s also sure to resurrect the questions that have long surrounded Clinton and nagged at Democrats, about why she can’t close the deal, why many voters remain cool to her and whether she truly is capable of knocking out a Republican in the fall.

One has to wonder how much Hillary’s server issues have affected her. We keep finding more and more bad news for her, no matter how much she and her Democratic Party supporters want to say otherwise. The latest has her “outing” actual intelligence agents. Remember when we had a special prosecutor for the Valerie Plame affair? And, she’s just not likable, as poll after poll shows, along with untrustworthy. Will this mean another old white guy by the name of Joe Biden decides to jump back in?

My big winner of the whole Hawkeye cauci is Marco Rubio. It was a big showing for him, and I think this will mean quite a bit of donor cash coming his way, along with support from many big Republicans, especially Establishment folks. My preferred candidate is Cruz, but, I’ll predict that Rubio will be the last guy standing, especially if he does well in New Hampshire.

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