Democrats Won’t Accept Election Results

Democrats Won’t Accept Election Results

Not long ago, people worried that Trump would be too irresponsible to accept the results of the election. To an extent this was a legitimate concern, considering how bitterly divided Obama is leaving the country, and how important the orderly transition of power is to maintaining a free country. Even Republicans fretted about it. Hillary was nearly hysterical, calling it a “a direct assault on our democracy.”

Then Trump won, and everything changed.

Former believers in democracy now refuse to accept Trump as President. Electoral College voters have received death threats.

As for Hillary, she knows she would have won if it were not for narrow defeats in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Consequently, she is ready to pull an Al Gore in all three states:

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has been quietly exploring whether there was any “outside interference” in the election results and will participate in the election recount in Wisconsin initiated by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, a Clinton campaign lawyer revealed Saturday. …

[Clinton campaign lawyer Marc] Elias said the campaign had “not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology.” But because of the margin of victory — and because of the degree of apparent foreign [i.e., alleged Russian] interference during the campaign — Elias said that Clinton officials had “quietly taken a number of steps in the last two weeks to rule in or out any possibility of outside interference in the vote tally in these critical battleground states.”

He said that the Clinton campaign would participate in the Stein-initiated recount in Wisconsin by having representatives on the ground monitoring the count and having lawyers represent them in court if needed. And if Stein made good on efforts to prompt similar processes in Pennsylvania and Michigan, Elias said, the Clinton campaign would do so there, as well.

America-hating commie Jill Stein has finally made herself useful, but only as an unwitting cat’s paw for the Clinton campaign, which like a chicken with its head cut off is dead but doesn’t know it — despite Hillary having conceded weeks ago.

Of the three states, all of which she would need to reverse the results in, the closest vote was in Michigan. Even there, the margin was larger than any that has been overturned by a recount. Pressing this issue isn’t just desperate; it is pathetic.

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