Donald Trump Says He’ll Send the Syrian Migrants Back When He is President (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has yet again made a campaign promise with absolutely no explanation behind it as to how he could possibly pull such a feat off. Many Americans are infuriated that Obama is allowing thousands of Syrian refugees to take refuge in the United States and, at a campaign rally, Trump ostensibly chose to capitalize on that anger and vowed to send all of the migrants back.

Trump rally

Republican Donald Trump spoke to a packed house tonight in Keene, New Hampshire.

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Trump told the audience he would send the Syrian migrants back home.

I’m putting the people on notice that are coming here from Syria as part of this mass migration, that if I win, if I win, they’re going back. They’re going back.

Barack Obama is planning on bringing tens of thousands of Syrian migrants to the US after abandoning the region in 2011.

So he’s going to send them all back to Syria — that would be a lot more believable if, for once, he would offer some substance behind his proposal. How is he going to pull this off? His promises are about as believable as the ones spouted by a sixth-grader running for student council promising to put free soda machines in every classroom.

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