Flash Analysis of the First Debate

Flash Analysis of the First Debate

Trump was at his best when attacking Hillary, but at times he went overboard in badgering her. On the other hand, he’s awful when he’s explaining himself on the birther issue, his taxes, supporting the war in Iraq or his other past remarks. Hillary is uniformly unlikable and painfully boring when she starts talking about issues. Her smug Joker smiles while Trump was talking were horrible. On the other hand, Hillary comes across as more stable and conventional, but less likable. It was also very plain that Hillary was much better prepared for this debate than Trump. Early on, Trump was very strong, but was off his game as the debate went on. He rambled a lot towards the end and spent a lot of time back on his heels answering for the almost unlimited number of dumb things he’s said.


If I had to pick a winner, I’d probably go with Hillary, but I’m not sure this is going to move the needle a lot in either direction because the flaws of both candidates were both fully on display.

Grade: Hillary — D
Trump — F

Update: The original grades were C for Hillary and D for Trump, but in retrospect, I didn’t think that got across the painfulness of this debate.

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