Ides of March Stop Trump Voting Guide

The objective at this point for conservatives and for anyone else who doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to be the next president is to stop Trump, because a guy with 100% name recognition who is strongly disliked by two-thirds of the country, who will have the full force of the media that has been propping him up turned against him in the general election, and who is hated so intensely by principled members of the GOP’s conservative base as to inspire the #NeverTrump movement has no chance of prevailing in November. If you are voting today, here is some advice on how to make your vote count by choosing the candidate most likely to deny Trump delegates, with thanks to Independent Journal:

Ohio: Hold your nose and vote Kasich, as Rubio has advised his supporters to do; he should be able to win, though he certainly won’t go far afterward.

Florida: Cruz is ahead of Rubio in his home state. Plus, the sooner Rubio ends his spoiler campaign, the better for everyone except Trump/Hillary. Vote Cruz.

Missouri: Cruz won Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. He could win Missouri too.

Illinois: Cruz is the only one who competes with Trump.

North Carolina: Delegates are awarded proportionately, so vote your heart.

This graphic will remind voters what is in store for Republicans in November if Trump isn’t stopped:


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