I’ve Lost a Little Respect for Fox News’ Brit Hume After This Attack on Ted Cruz

I’ve Lost a Little Respect for Fox News’ Brit Hume After This Attack on Ted Cruz

Mitch McConnell is facing truckloads of criticism after he blocked a law that would defund Planned Parenthood, including from presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who called McConnell a liar on the Senate floor (and rightly so). And for some insane reason, this apparently made Brit Hume at Fox News lose his mind, because Hume decided to respond by attacking Cruz and labeling him a hypocrite.

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Hi, Bret. The first thing you need to know about Ted Cruz’s assault on Mitch McConnell is that it’s not about ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell. It’s about ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Cruz entered the presidential race as the renegade hero of the anti-establishment right, the man who would call out his party’s leadership for what he considered their weak-kneed ways. He raised some serious money early on, but his campaign never quite took off.

Then along comes Donald Trump who not only cruised past Cruz but everyone else in the Republican field. He did it while attacking his fellow republicans with abandon. When Trump himself was under attack for denigrating John McCain’s war record, Cruz refused to criticize Trump. He insisted his stance was born of fidelity to the eleventh commandment made famous by Ronald Reagan, thou shall not speak ill of any fellow republican. Last Thursday on this channel he went so far as to tell Neil Cavuto “scripture teaches that if someone visits evil upon you, you should repay them in kindness”. That’s from first peter, chapter 3.

Two days later ted Cruz is on the Senate floor calling Republican leader McConnell a liar. So much for Ronald Reagan and so much for Saint Peter.

It may have shown Cruz to be an obvious hypocrite, but for one day at least he trumped Trump and that means mission accomplished.

Is Trump paying Hume off or something? Because absent that, this entire rant is completely nonsensical and makes no sense — why should we not call out GOP leadership when they renege on a promise and so utterly fail us?

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