Man On His Death Bed Fights For His Right To Vote! [VIDEO]

Man On His Death Bed Fights For His Right To Vote! [VIDEO]

This is incredibly sad and infuriating. Jeff Korinko’s 76 year-old father wants to vote in this election. He has liver cancer and is dying. He mailed in his vote, but his hand is shaky from the illness ravaging his body. The Supervisor of Elections claims his signature doesn’t match the one on file and won’t allow him to vote. His son is an attorney and correctly says this is not in the best interest of the law. It is in the purview of that Supervisor to grant an exception here and he/she should. This is the last wish of a dying patriot and should be granted.

A recently enacted Florida law requires a vote-by-mail affidavit to be mailed to voters like Thomas. A new signature and a photo ID turned into the appropriate Elections Office by 5 pm the Monday before Election Day would handle all of this. There’s just one small glitch here… Thomas is too weak to sign the affidavit now. He’s also on heavy medication. Jeff said, “I’m all cried out, cried earlier today. This was really important to my father. This was really important to my father.”


From Fox 5:

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Jeff Korinko says his 76-year-old father, Thomas, is a diehard patriot who wanted to be certain he cast his vote this election. It likely will be his last presidential election, Korinko says.

Thomas is dying, having been diagnosed with liver cancer seven months ago. His health has rapidly declined, so much so, that last week he voted by mail. He couldn’t physically make it to a voting booth.

This week, he’s at a hospice center in Tavares, on and off morphine, and was expected to pass away on Wednesday.

But when he mailed in his ballot, the Lake County Supervisor of Elections Office determined his now shaky, frail signature did not match his voter registration signature and required further verification.

“This is not voter fraud. He’s a registered, lawful, Florida voter,” says Jeff. “This is his ballot, you have it, please count it. I was told, ‘No.'”

The signature on every mail-in ballot in the state is compared to the voter registration signature on file to prevent fraud. But Jeff, who also happens to be an attorney, says, “To be disenfranchised in that manner, that can’t be what’s in the best interest of the law.”

The Lake County Supervisor of Elections Office Needs to expedite a special exception in this instance. Have a heart people and let this man vote! So many seem to vote that are fraudulent… this man obviously is not. It’s the right and humane thing to do.

Let him cast his vote one last time before he goes home. Give his son some comfort in this time of passing. No one should be treated like this and these people should not have to be told what the right thing to do here is.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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