Republicans and Democrats, 2016: A Tale of Two Civil Wars

Third-party insurgencies from within threaten to reduce both major parties to civil war. But there is a large difference between them. In the GOP, the fight is over the basic direction of the party. Among Democrats, the direction has been agreed upon; the only argument is over tactics.

Whereas conservatives backing Cruz, Paul, or Carson long to restore traditional American precepts such as limited government, individual liberty, property rights, and free markets, Trump’s supporters want a strong man who promises he can keep the jobs in and foreigners out if given enough power. The contrast is fundamental. As for establishment candidates who represent the status quo (Bush, Kasich, Christie), they are irrelevant bystanders.

As Daniel Greenfield observes, the conflict among Democrats is less fundamental, but the stakes are still high:

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are … both leftist radicals with degrees in political science who held back some of their more radical ideas to pursue political office. In the two years that they served together in the Senate, they voted the same way 93 percent of the time. …

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The real struggle isn’t over beliefs, but over tactics.

The dispute is over “how fast and how hard to move the country toward the left” and “what Americans will put up with right here and now.”

ObamaCare provides an example of how this would be reflected in policy:

Hillary Clinton and her supporters want to stabilize ObamaCare and then use its success to advance to Single Payer while Bernie Sanders and his supporters want to use ObamaCare’s failure to move on to Single Payer.

The question is whether to keep boiling the frog relatively slowly, or to turn the burner all the way up and risk the frog jumping out. The base leans toward the latter.

When Bernie Sanders shrieks about revolution, he is speaking in a political code that the left understands very well. It’s the same old debate between working within the system and radical destructive change now. …

The struggle is a symptom of a left that has tasted American blood and is losing control. The left has hijacked the Democratic Party and has amassed vast institutional power in the government, the educracy and the non-profit sector. It has even built up a great deal of power in the corporate sector.

Many of its activists and funders see few reasons not to push for the endgame right now.

If Hillary can hold off Sanders and stay out of jail, it will only slow down the revolution. The only hope for America to survive as America is for conservatives to overcome the threat from Trump and run a candidate capable of defeating the Democrats (due to his sky-high unfavorable stats, Trump is not). That’s up to us.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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