Schumer Plans to Advance Radical Agenda if Dems Take Senate

Schumer Plans to Advance Radical Agenda if Dems Take Senate

You may not be able to vote for Trump in good conscience, but that is no reason not to vote Republican down ballot. Until Trumpism devours the whole party, GOP control of Congress is still the best bet to slow down the progressive agenda. Here is what Chuck Schumer et al. have planned:

Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Monday told a group of progressive donors he plans to make debt-free college a part of his agenda as Senate majority leader if Democrats win control of the Senate on Tuesday.

In practice, debt-free college means that people get to extend adolescence deep into their 20s while pursuing useless degrees in Victim Studies, running up six-figure debts that you the taxpayer are left to pay off.

There’s more:

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The pledge is part of a broader effort to convince progressive supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to vote for other Democrats on the ballot on Election Day. Schumer made the appeal as part of a Progressive Change Campaign Committee fundraising email and the last-minute fundraising pitch is the latest sign the Sanders coalition succeeded in shifting the Democratic Party further to the left during the 2016 campaign.

Unlike Republicans, Democrats were able to keep their irresponsible populist demagogue off the top of the ticket. But that doesn’t mean Sanders has not managed to poison the party with his reckless extremism.

“Major investment in jobs, debt-free college, immigration reform, criminal justice reform, closing corporate tax loopholes, a public option, paid family leave, raising the minimum wage, expanding Social Security, and confirming Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Citizens United will all be possible with a Democratic Majority,” the letter said.

“Immigration reform” means amnesty for illegal immigrants and incentives for more to come. “Criminal justice reform” means letting criminals loose to wreak havoc, usually in the context of Black Lives Matter rhetoric. “Closing corporate tax loopholes” means the cost of everything produced by corporations will rise. “Public option” means another giant leap toward dysfunctional Soviet-style government healthcare. Paid family leave is yet another entitlement, already proposed by Trump, which will hasten our national bankruptcy, the federal debt already nearly having reached $20,000,000,000,000. Raising minimum wage will have the obvious effect of throwing low-wage workers out of work and into the waiting arms of the welfare state, and of making it more difficult to get a first job. Expanding Social Security when it is already on a course for bankruptcy would be reckless to the point of malevolence. Overturning Citizens United would in effect overturn the First Amendment.

Unless all of this sounds good to you, you had better hope the GOP holds Congress and survives Trumpism.

Waiting to capitalize if Trumpism destroys the GOP.

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