The 1st Democrat Debate in a Nutshell

The 1st Democrat Debate in a Nutshell

Free college! $15 minimum wage! Paid leave for pregnant women! Put everyone on Medicare! Stop talking about Hillary’s email scandal! Get the banks! Make the wealthy pay for all of this! The more illegal aliens, the better! Guns are bad! Make marijuana legal! Only black lives matter! Republicans are bad! Business is evil, but we’ll create more jobs!


Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee didn’t belong on the stage. Bernie Sanders is a Commie, shouts everything and will undoubtedly be telling some young whippersnapper to get off his lawn tomorrow morning. Hillary came across as scandal ridden, cliched and her primary pitch is, “vote for me, I have a uterus.” Jim Webb was the only adult on the stage. He sounded moderate, sane and measured, thus insuring he has no chance whatsoever.

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Who won? Really?

1) Webb
2) Clinton
3) Bernie
4) O’Malley
5) Chafee

Who probably won with liberals?

1) Clinton
2) Bernie
3) O’Malley
4) Chafee
5) Webb

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