Trump Hammers Jeb in Video Mocking First Two Bush Presidents; Says ‘Third Time Won’t Be a Charm’

Trump Hammers Jeb in Video Mocking First Two Bush Presidents; Says ‘Third Time Won’t Be a Charm’

The Trump campaign may be imploding, but he’s not going to go down without bringing a few people with him. And right now, Jeb Bush is in his crosshairs as the subject of a hard-hitting Instagram video where Trump declares that the third time won’t be a charm.

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Donald Trump mocked Republican rival Jeb Bush on Monday, comparing him to his more famous presidential father and brother in a short Web video that plays over a circus-music soundtrack.

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The Instagram video starts with a clip of George H.W. Bush’s infamous tax pledge at the 1988 Republican National Convention.

‘Read my lips – no new taxes,’ the then-vice president said in a pledge that came back to haunt his one-term presidency after he agreed to a Democratic Congress’s demands for hikes in the rates of existing taxes.

The video also mocks former President George W. Bush’s failure to find weapons of mass destruction during his invasion of Iraq, after then-Secretary of State Colin Powell had outlined intelligence reports that all but guaranteed dictator Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of them at the ready.

‘Those weapons of mass destruction have gotta be somewhere,’ Jeb’s older brother says in a clip pulled from the 2004 White House Correspondents Association dinner.

Laughter ensued, making Trump’s point without the candidate needing to say a word.

‘The third time won’t be a charm,’ his video concludes, suggesting that Jeb’s promises won’t hold any more weight than those of the Bushes that came before him.

No one wants political dynasties to start flourishing in the United States, and with luck, Jeb Bush won’t be the Republican nominee. But honestly? He’d still be better than a flip-flopping, Democrat-in-disguise, thin-skinned blowhard who can’t even handle being asked tough questions in a debate — and whether you agree with the Bush family’s politics or not, it’s obvious that they are all ten times the man Donald Trump is.

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