[VIDEO] I Will Not Apologize for “Good Journalism” – Megyn Kelly on Trump Controversy

Wow, this is gonna be good. So, Megyn Kelly, you think that you don’t need to apologize for ‘good journalism’? You’re right, you know, but that would require you to actually be practicing it before you get all high and mighty.

I mean really, is this a woman who is pretending to be offended by misogyny? Really?


Trump lashed out at Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace this weekend, saying they were both bleeding out of her eyes.

Tonight Megyn Kelly responded to the Donald Trump controversy.
She would not apologize for her debate questions.

“Trump who is the frontrunner will not apologize. And, I will certainly not apologize for good journalism.”

Hillary Clinton and Media Matters support Megyn Kelly’s attacks on conservatives.

Meggie. You seem to think that you can push someone’s buttons and not get a response. Well, sweetheart, let me tell you this. If you push someone, you are likely to get pushed back. When you fall down you don’t get to run and tattle to an adult. You aren’t exempt from this just because you want to play with the boys and you have breasts. Good on Trump for pushing back on you. ‘good journalism’ has nothing to do with the childish game you are trying to play right now. Give it up, girl. You can’t throw mud without getting some on yourself, too.

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