BAD News for Trump… Will You Still Support Him? [VIDEO]

BAD News for Trump… Will You Still Support Him? [VIDEO]

This election could have been an easy victory for Republicans. But instead, it looks like Hillary Clinton will run away with the election, even though she is a profoundly unlikeable candidate with a long history of crime, corruption and scandals. That’s because Donald Trump is the GOP nominee and anyone else would likely have mopped the floor with Hillary. And yet another new update does not look good for Trump.


The election is just a little over two weeks away and the Washington Post has created a map with the expected electoral votes for each candidate. Right now, they are predicting that Hillary will gain 323 electoral votes for an overwhelming victory, while Trump will get merely 180. Several updates tipped the map in Hillary’s favor.

Nevada, previously a Republican stronghold, now leans Democratic, after previously being considered a toss-up state. Hillary leads in six of seven polls there. It’s gotten so bad there that even down-ballot Republicans are struggling to remain competitive.

Utah, another Republican state, has become a toss-up. This is partially due to Evan McMullin’s success there and the Washington Post believes that it’s possible he could win Utah’s six electoral votes.

But it’s the third state that really spells doom for the Trump campaign.


Texas has long been considered an untouchable Republican state. Democrats shouldn’t even bother, right? Wrong — it’s now considered to be competitive. It still leans Republican, but Trump is only up three to four points in polling, whereas previous Republican candidates have handily run away with a double-digit lead.

Unfortunately for Trump, all of the vulnerable states negatively impact him. Mitt Romney performed far better than Trump has so far and Romney still lost with only 206 electoral votes. Swing states have become Democrat-leaning states; states that were previously solid red states now have become toss-ups.

This is bad news for Trump supporters and the Trump campaign.

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