BREAKING: Judge Roy Moore Files Lawsuit to BLOCK AL Senate Election Result

BREAKING: Judge Roy Moore Files Lawsuit to BLOCK AL Senate Election Result

Judge Roy Moore may have lost the Alabama Senate seat that he was gunning after, but that doesn’t mean that he’s giving up without a fight. Jones may have declared victory over Moore, who is on record as losing by 22,000 votes, but the Judge is refusing to concede.

The Republican attempted to file a lawsuit to block certification hours before it took place, but the Judge wasn’t having it. Now, it looks like Democrat Doug Jones is finally going to get the seat.

It should also be noted that officials in Alabama found no evidence of voter fraud or voting irregularities. Moore was, of course, accused of having inappropriate relationships with young girls in the 1970s, as well as sexual assault. These claims followed him around for the length of the election, but have seemingly disappeared since his loss.

A Jones spokesman called Roy’s attempt to file a lawsuit a “desperate attempt … to subvert the will of the people.”

Many are saying that Moore lost and needs to get over it. “It’s time to move on.”

Jones will be officially sworn in on January 3rd, 2018 and right now it looks like there isn’t a thing that Moore can do about it. As of this moment, it appears he has been defeated.

It’s unfortunate that Moore was vanquished by claims that have not yet been proven to be real. Apparently all the public needs is to be swayed with potentially true, but probably not, information that took place so long ago that any evidence that could have been brought forth is long gone. Oh, but don’t worry, there was a yearbook with his signature on it! Well, actually, that also turned out to be a big, honkin’ lie, but hey, all women should be believed, right?

Did Roy Moore have romantic relationships with teens back in the day? Probably. Was it taken out of context and used against him, fueled by a society being inundated with sexual harassment stories? Definitely. The Democrats and specifically feminists are experts of making mountains out of molehills, creating a controversy out of thin air and fueling it with faux outrage, anger that was bought and paid for a long time ago, and current societal ills that are sure to get the blood pressure going.

Will Moore run again? I don’t believe so. As much as I would like to give him another shot, he is tainted goods.

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