CONSERVATIVES: After You See All These Firsts & Numbers From Election Night, You’ll Feel EVEN BETTER

CONSERVATIVES: After You See All These Firsts & Numbers From Election Night, You’ll Feel EVEN BETTER

1) Not only did the GOP Republicans take the Senate last night, but they did it in a spectacular fashion. They needed 6 seats to get to 51 and they won 8, while they’re very likely to pick up another seat in Louisiana because Bill Cassidy will be an overwhelming favorite to defeat Mary Landrieu in the run-off.


2) In the House, the GOP has won 246 seats. That’s the largest majority the Republican Party has had in the House since WWII.

3) The GOP had a 29-21 lead in governorships going into the election and was expected to lose a few. Instead, the GOP came up big in competitive race after competitive race. Scott Walker won in Wisconsin. Rick Scott beat turncoat Charlie Crist. Conservative Governor Sam Brownback managed to beat back a RINO rebellion in Kansas to pull out a win. We also went on the offensive in some deep blue states. Larry Hogan won in Maryland, Bruce Rauner won in Illinois and Charlie Baker pulled off a victory in Massachusetts.

4) The GOP also won some surprise victories and saw some much disliked foes go down to defeat. Greg Abbott crushed Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis in Texas, Sandra Fluke lost her bid for the state Senate in California and Thom Tillis won what most people considered to be a surprise victory over Kay Hagan in North Carolina.

5) There were also some huge firsts during the election.

* Tim Scott became the first black Republican elected to the Senate from the South since reconstruction.

* Mia Love became the first black Republican woman elected to Congress.
* Republican Joni Ernst became the first woman to represent Iowa in the Senate. She is also the first female combat vet elected to Congress.
* Republican Shelley Moore Capito is the first woman elected to the Senate in West Virginia.
* Thirty year old New York Republican Elise Stefanik became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.
* Republican Tom Cotton became the first Iraq combat veteran to be elected to the Senate after he won in Arkansas.

All of these victories are even more impressive when you consider that at one time during Obama’s first term, the Democrats effectively controlled 256 House Seats and 60 Senate seats. It’s all thanks to Barack Obama. If he weren’t destroying the country in the process, we’d owe him a thank you card for all he’s done for the Republican Party.

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