Election Night 2009: Open Thread

(This post will be semi-regularly updated for the next few hours)


* Bob McDonnell has been declared the victor in Virginia! Woo-ha! Republican takeover!

* The polls have closed in New Jersey, but there aren’t a lot of numbers yet. All indications seem to be that it’s fairly close. This would seem to be an extremely good sign.

This seems pretty darn big: In New Jersey, CNN’s exit poll says Christie won independents 58-33 over Corzine, with indies making up 27 percent of the electorate.

Public Policy Polling notes that their final poll had Christie winning the independents by 23; the exit polls indicate Christie won them by 25. They interpret this as a sign that most Daggett supporters and undecideds went into the Christie pile. PPP’s final poll put Christie up 6 overall.


* From Newsmax, courtesy of Michelle Malkin.

Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell blew the whistle Tuesday on vote fraud in New Jersey’s race for governor, citing “chicanery” in the bitterly contested gubernatorial race between incumbent Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine and Republican Chris Christie.

“I’m convinced Christie has the votes,” Caddell told Fox News host Neil Cavuto. “The question is whether he has a lead that’s steal proof, as I call it, with all the things going on.”

…Caddell, who has conducted polling for the likes of former President Jimmy Carter, then-Sen. Joe Biden, and former California Gov. Jerry Brown, pointed to unusual absentee-ballot voting patterns in some areas of the state.

“The city of Camden and other areas that are African-American are voting more absentee ballots than they did…in 2008, with the first African-American as a [presidential] nominee. In a gubernatorial race, then I’m sorry, something is…

9:01 PM

It’s too early to put a lot of stock in these results yet, but so far, so good in New Jersey. With 17% of the vote in…

Christie, Chris: GOP 216,458 52%
Corzine, Jon: (i) Dem 171,220 41%
Daggett, Christopher: Ind 22,864 6%


NY-23 exit polls at 5:00 PM – Hoffman (Conservative): 50.3%, Owens (Dem) 47.2%, Scozzfava (Rep) 2.5%

9:07 “Corzine’s biggest fear: ACORN’s copy machine brks & they run out of ‘recently discovered’ absentee ballots.” — Stephen Kruiser


New Jersey: With 37% of the vote in…

Christie, Chris: GOP 468,654 52%
Corzine, Jon (i): Dem 367,819 41%
Daggett, Christopher: Ind 50,010 6%


The early, early, early results in NY-23

Owens: 49.7%
Hoffman: 46.6%
Scozzafava: 3.6%


Via Jake Tapper:

NJ – 58% precincts reporting: Christie 50.4; Corzine 43.5; Daggett 5.3


Virginia is a win for the GOP. New Jersey is looking VERY GOOD at this point. NY-23 is still up in the air. The Democrat is definitely overperforming. It’s going to be close and it’s far from clear who’s going to win at this point.


Good news in New Jersey. Bad news out of NY-23.

“Associated Press says Republican Christie wins NJ governors office. RNC Chair Steele enroute by charter.” — LATimestot

“eeesh… 20% of precincts in, Owens 51%, Hoffman 43%” — AceofSpadesHQ


21% reporting in NY23 and Democrat Bill Owens is up 8. No sense of which votes are in and which are still out. — RealClearPolitics


“Two thirds in: Hoffman still down by three” —allahpundit


NBC has NY-23 for the Democrat. Seems a little early for that.

From Twitter, unverified, about a heavily Democratic seat few people thought would be this close:

#CD10 – Garamendi 50% (4,855 votes) Harmer 45% (4,410 votes) 22 of 34 precincts reporting.


Unverified, from Twitter: NBC moves back to “Owens leads”


The Plattsburgh attorney has 57,050 votes compared to Conservative Doug Hoffman, a Lake Placid CPA, with 54,538 votes.

Dede Scozzafava, a Republican who dropped out of the race Saturday, has 6,982 votes.

There are more than 10,000 absentee votes to still be counted.

Owens now leads in Jefferson, St. Lawrence, Franklin, Clinton and Essex counties.

Hoffman leads in Lewis, Oswego, Oneida, Fulton, Hamilton and Madison counties.

Owens is maintaining a 48 percent to 46 percent lead.

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