Everything You Need To Know About Why This Nation Has So Many Problems In One Poll

Everything You Need To Know About Why This Nation Has So Many Problems In One Poll

Courtesy of Gallup, here’s a trend we see turning up again and again in politics:


In other words, Americans recognize that we can’t pay for these programs as is, but they don’t want to raise taxes or cut benefits so that we can cover the cost.

This is the schizophrenic nature of democracy in this country.

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* We want the best health care in the world, but we don’t want it to cost anything.
* We want enormous government services, but we don’t want to pay the taxes it would take to cover them.
* We don’t want illegal aliens in the country, but we don’t want to enforce the law because it feels “mean.”
* We hate pork…unless it’s coming to our state or district.
* We hate negative ads, but we vote based on the negative ads we see.

The odd thing is that these are not contrary sides of an issue; they’re views that are simultaneously held by people on one side of an issue — and it’s very common.

Moreover, the American people will often reward a politician who lies about an issue or refuses to clarify his position and punish politicians who clearly state their policies and their trade-offs involved.

Still, here’s the real world:

* You want to get the deficit under control? Then we’re going to have to cut benefits or raise taxes.
* You want low taxes? Then the government can’t do as much for you.
* If we don’t want illegal aliens in this country, then we have to enforce the laws on the books including the deportation laws.
* Pork is bad EVEN IF it’s going to you.
* Negative ads are necessary in politics, especially for Republicans, since the press often won’t make the negative case against Dems.

There’s no shading there, no having it both ways, just how it is. Will that work for Americans who are used to being promised everything by politicians?

Given the size of our national debt, the state of our economy, and the minimal amount of trust the American people have in politicians, it had better work. If this country goes down the tubes, it shouldn’t be because we don’t have the courage to tell people the truth about the real world choices they face.

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