Hats Off to Canada

Even as Barack Hussein Obama tries to force the center-right USA to the left by ramming through exceedingly unpopular legislation like ObamaCare, Stephen Harper is leading more liberal Canada in the opposite direction:

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper won his coveted majority government in elections that changed Canada’s political landscape with the opposition Liberals and Quebec separatists suffering a shattering defeat.

Harper, who took office in 2006, has won two elections but until Monday’s vote had never held a majority of Parliament’s 308 seats, forcing him to rely on the opposition to pass legislation.

While Harper’s hold on Parliament has been tenuous during his five-year tenure, he has managed to nudge an instinctively center-left country to the right. He has gradually lowered sales and corporate taxes, avoided climate change legislation, promoted Arctic sovereignty, upped military spending and extended Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan.

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Elections Canada reported preliminary results on its website, giving the Conservatives 167 seats, which will give Harper four years of uninterrupted government.

The Liberals earned their worst defeat ever, costing them more than half their seats in Parliament.

Four years won’t be enough to undo generations of moonbat mischief, but at least Canada is moving in the right direction.

In contrast,

Twenty-one percent (21%) of Likely U.S. Voters say the country is heading in the right direction, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey taken the week ending Sunday, April 24. It’s the fourth week in a row that the measurement has gone down, with confidence in the nation’s course now reaching the lowest point of the Obama presidency.

However, we started to turn the ship around in 2010. If we finish the job decisively in 2012, we can join Canada in pulling back from the edge of the same abyss the Soviet Union disappeared into.

We may still have time to come around.

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