Injustice Department Goes After Louisiana

The Obama Regime has already declared war on Arizona, Texas, and South Carolina. The latest red state to find itself in the federal crosshairs is Louisiana, which the Department of Social Justice is suing on vague charges of not doing enough to encourage welfare recipients to vote.

A federal lawsuit accusing two state agencies of failing to provide adequate voter registration services for people who get food stamps, disability payments and Medicaid will be fought in court, the state’s chief elections officer said Tuesday. …

The lawsuit alleges that agency offices that grant public assistance have failed to regularly ask clients if they want to register to vote and give them forms to register.

“The voting process begins with registration, therefore it is essential that all citizens have unfettered access to voter registration opportunities,” said Thomas Perez, assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.

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By “unfettered access,” Perez means anyone likely to vote Democrat should be virtually compelled to register. Readers will recall that Perez is the same Marxist goon who believes banks — which he compares to the KKK — should be punished both for making loans to blacks who are not in a position to repay them, and for not making loans to blacks who are not in a position to repay them.

As with the Community Reinvestment Act that entomic Thomas Perez types (e.g., Barack Hussein Obama) used to create the housing collapse and the following financial meltdown, bad people are using a bad law as a weapon.

Federal law requires all offices in the state “that provide public assistance” as well as those “primarily engaged in providing services to persons with disabilities” to ask those who seek or renew benefits if they want to vote. Anyone who declines must do so in writing.

Why would any society want to encourage people who take but do not contribute to vote? Because when they reach the tipping point where the majority of voters are nothing more than parasitical looters feeding off an enslaved minority, oligarchical collectivism will have been attained. This is why our forefathers only allowed property owners to vote.

How does Perez know Louisiana is in violation? The same way he knows that banks are racist against blacks: the numbers don’t add up the way he has decreed they ought to:

The federal lawsuit alleges the state “has received very few voter registration applications from its public assistance and disability services offices despite the significant percentage of the population receiving the services.”

The suit seeks to inflict a “remedial plan” intended to drive up voter registration among welfare moochers.

As for actual details of the alleged noncompliance, these have been requested but not provided. As the New Black Panthers scandal made obvious, the DoJ has degenerated into a political enforcement wing of the White House, the purpose of which is to secure Obama’s reelection. It has severed any connection with justice.

Someone pass the bug spray.

On a tip from Byron. Hat tip: The Hayride. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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