Just Hours Before the Debate, Trump Gets HUGE News [VIDEO]

Just Hours Before the Debate, Trump Gets HUGE News [VIDEO]

Tonight is the final presidential debate and it is sure to be another explosive show. Millions of Americans are expected to tune in. And the shadow of his conversation bragging about sexually assaulting women is still hanging over his campaign. Will he be able to recover? It seems like he might still have a long shot chance of winning.


A new poll has Trump within a margin of error from Hillary. The USC/LA Times poll has Hillary at 44.1% and Trump at 43.9%. But that’s not the only poll that could possibly give Trump some hope. The latest Rasmussen Reports White House Watch telephone and online survey has Hillary and Trump tied, at 42%.

trump and hillary

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Of course, Rasmussen is not known for their polling accuracy. And Real Clear Politics still gives Hillary a 7.2% lead, leading Trump 49.1% – 41.9%. But Trump has a few polls to give him a little confidence, not to mention James O’Keefe’s latest undercover videos, showing voter fraud and planted violence at Trump rallies:

If Trump is smart, he’ll use the O’Keefe videos as ammunition against Hillary tonight. The media certainly isn’t going to cover them, so he’ll need to step up and get the word out there himself. The only question is, will it matter? Can Trump turn in a good enough performance to turn his Titanic of a campaign around?

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