President Lou Dobbs? Ha, Ha, Ha…NO!

Sure, Al Franken won…in a center-left state like Minnesota. With a political wind blowing against Norm Coleman that was about as strong as it could get — and even then, if there had been an honest count of the votes, there’s zero chance Franken would have won. Since Lou Dobbs can’t rig a nationwide election the way the Left managed to in Minnesota, this effort would be futile:

The 64-year-old award-winning former radio/TV host, the son of a Texas propane dealer (no gasbag jokes, please), was asked on a radio interview today about this “crazy idea” floating around of him seeking the presidency of these United States.

His response: “What’s so crazy about that? Golly!” (Except he really said golly.)

He elaborated slightly:

“Well, I’ll tell you this much — it’s one of the discussions that we’re having. For the first time, I’m actually listening to some people about politics. I don’t think I’ve got the nature for it. [But] we’ve got to do something in this country, and I think that being in the public arena means you’ve got to be part of the solution.

…Now, it’s taken the self-described “independent populist” 12 whole days to broach the idea of running for the White House, good news for any incumbent since Dobbs and you-name-all-the-others can divvy up the voters unhappy with him.

It is, of course, a preposterous idea that someone never elected to anything except high school student body president in rural Texas could win the nation’s top elected job on the backs of angry voters who believe the incumbent is incompetent.

If Lou Dobbs cares about his country, he won’t become yet another third party jackass who accomplishes nothing other than making: himself feel important and peeling a point or two off the totals of the person whose views are closest to his own.

I’m not going to say that I’d never support a third party candidate under any circumstances. I supported Doug Hoffman in NY-23, for example. However, the only way Lou Dobbs could become the next President of the United States would be if a meteorite containing an alien life form lands in Lou Dobb’s back yard and that creature survives by bonding with its host organism and uses its psychic powers to make all other creatures obey its hosts. By all means, Lou, keep watching the skies, but barring that, give the rest of us who don’t view running for the presidency as an ego trip a better chance to take our country back in 2012.

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