Speech: Why The Republican Party Has A Bright Future

Assembly District 31 in Reno, Nevada is a majority Republican district represented by a Democrat. In order to help remedy that injustice, I headlined a speech at a fundraiser for conservative activist Jill Dickman who’s running for that seat. Jill is not only a dedicated conservative, she’s a really sweet person and I was thrilled to do anything I could to help her try to take that district back for the GOP.

You can see the 20 minute speech I did without notes that discussed both the GOP’s bright future and why we’re not already doing better right here.

That speech ended up becoming two separate Townhall columns.

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7 Ways That Republicans Fail Politics 101.
8 Reasons The Republican Party Has A Bright Future.

PS: An extra special thanks goes out to Paul Jackson and Tiffiny Ruegner for helping to make the event happen. I genuinely appreciated all the help.

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