Thank You, Doug Hoffman, But Now It’s Time To Go

Doug Hoffman is not a charismatic man. He also lived outside of NY-23 — and his campaign wasn’t very well run.

Does that mean it was a mistake for conservatives to support him?


Had Hoffman gotten elected in a Republican district like that one, he probably could have served in Congress for a long, long time despite his lack of political skill.

Moreover, Dede Scozzafava was an even worse candidate. She had minimal charisma, minimal brains, couldn’t raise money, and was too far to the left for her district. Then, to top it all off, in a display of incredible disloyalty and pettiness, she endorsed the Democratic candidate in the race right after the NRCC poured $900,000 into her campaign. That says a lot about her character — none of it good.

Still, this was a special election and next year, there’s going to be another election and another opportunity for us to take back that seat.

While it’s too early to know for sure who the candidate will be, I can tell you who it shouldn’t be: Doug Hoffman.

Hoffman had enormous support and resources poured into his campaign and he couldn’t quite get the job done. Certainly, he has excuses for it. The Republican Party was initially supporting his opponent. Dede Scozzafava was still on the ballot and drained off a larger share of the vote than Owen’s victory margin. Scozzafava endorsed the Democrat, etc., etc.

All that being said, Doug Hoffman may be an earnest guy and a good conservative, but he’s not much of a politician. We also can’t afford another three party race in that district next year.

So, while Doug Hoffman deserves to be congratulated for shaking things up this year and almost pulling off a shocking victory, the best thing he can do for conservatives next year is to decide not to run again.

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