What Would Hillary Do? Sen. Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Hillary… [Video]

Fauxcahaontis is being a real weasel here. I have no love for Hillary, but anyone with two brain cells here can see that Warren is trying to put Clinton on the spot and make her look bad, while not bothering to say how she herself stands on the issues. She gave the old political two-step doublespeak again that she does so well. She’s also distancing herself from Barack Obama claiming now that she differs on things from him – boy… it wasn’t that way at the last Democratic Convention. In fact, Warren came off as an Obama sycophant extreme and acted nuttier than a wombat on speed. Looks like she is laying the groundwork for a presidential bid. God help us.

From Weasel Zippers:

Headdress didn’t answer the questions she wants Pantsuit to answer.

Via Washington Examiner

Potential Democratic challenger Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Thursday presented a list of key issues from trade to wages that she wants 2016 Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton to address in her campaign for president.

“I’d like to see her address all of these issues,” said Warren on CBS “This Morning” while promoting her book, “A Fighting Chance.”

Pressed by Charlie Rose to explain where “you differ from former Secretary of State Clinton” on the issues, Warren said:

“Charlie, I’ll tell you where I stand on all of the key issues. It’s up to others to say whether they stand there as well or if they stand in some different place. I’ll tell you where I stand on minimum wage; I’ll tell you where I stand on equal pay for equal work,” she said as Rose interrupted her.

“Name me one thing that you would like to see Hillary Clinton do and say and commit to that she has not committed to,” he said.

Warren: “Well, I’d like to see her address all of these issues.”

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Warren plays coy in politics, but she is ginning up her political grassroots and attacking those she would run against. Primarily, that will be the Hildebeast. She portrays herself as some kind of economic and legal genius, but from what I’ve seen, she’s just another died in the wool Marxist using the female card to propel herself into a presidential race. Both Warren and Clinton are stone cold Marxists and would finish the country off. I really don’t give a crap where they stand on the issues – all I need to know is it far, far left and way, way wrong for America.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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