Wisconsin Makes Game-Changing Decision About Election Recount

Wisconsin Makes Game-Changing Decision About Election Recount

It’s been three weeks since Donald Trump won the presidency, but liberals just can’t seem to accept reality. They continue to insist that, somehow, Hillary Clinton might still emerge from this mess victorious. The Clinton campaign has jumped on board with people calling for a recount in three states: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. And they just got some bad news from Wisconsin.


Wisconsin agreed to set a timetable for the recount, but they just turned down a request to hand-count the votes. And presidential candidate Jill Stein is furious, promising she’ll sue. But she recently missed the deadline to request a recount in Pennsylvania, so how motivated she actually is seems to be in doubt.

Stein also claims to want a recount in Michigan as well.


There are still more problems in Wisconsin, though. Unless Stein wins her lawsuit in Wisconsin’s Dane County Circuit Court, each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties would decide individually how they’ll do the recount — by hand, or by machine. Elections Commission Chairman Mark Thomsen, who is a Democrat, still doesn’t think it will make the state go to Hillary. Thomsen slammed Stein’s claims that there were problems with voting as “unfounded and misleading,” but he also criticized Trump for insinuating that millions of illegal votes were cast. He called Trump’s claims “an insult to the people that run our elections.”

Stein is paying for the recount operation herself, to ensure that Hillary Clinton actually did lose to Donald Trump by 22,000 votes. (By contrast, in the Bush v. Gore recount debacle, only about 500 votes separated the two candidates in Florida.)

These people need to just accept reality. Trump won. It is what it is. The sooner they can get with reality, the sooner the rest of us can get on with the rest of our lives and set to healing this country.

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