Right Wing News Endorses Sam Brownback For Governor Of Kansas

Right Wing News Endorses Sam Brownback For Governor Of Kansas

There are “moderate” Republicans in Kansas trying to undermine Sam Brownback’s campaign in Kansas.



Because he’s a conservative who’s trying to move a conservative state to the Right.

He helped elect a conservative majority in the State Senate, opposed gay marriage, supported coal, reformed education, cut taxes and fought Obamacare.

Brownback is on track to be one of the best governors in America.

Yet, he’s still in trouble. Although his economic reforms are working, they need another year or two to fully bear. Meanwhile, there are RINOS trying to undermine Brownback because they’d prefer a liberal Democrat to a conservative Republican.

Believe it or not, even in deep red Kansas, Brownback is in a dogfight and he could lose to liberal Democrat Paul David, who would be sure to follow in former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius’s footsteps.

Sam Brownback has been a superb, conservative governor and that’s why Right Wing News unhesitatingly endorses him and now asks you to support him.

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