Listen To Trump’s Energy Secretary Rick Perry Smack Down NYT Reporter On Coal Question

Listen To Trump’s Energy Secretary Rick Perry Smack Down NYT Reporter On Coal Question

One of Trump’s most epic picks was Rick Perry for Energy Secretary. Every conservative cheered and every liberal screeched about how “unqualified” he is for the position.

Big talk from the people who elected a peanut farmer and a community organizer to the office of the Presidency, but that’s none of my business though.

Perry offered to answer one question from each reporter while he toured an advanced coal-fired power plant on Thursday. New York Times reporter Carol Davenport asked her question which he gladly answered, but then she asked a follow-up question. Perry’s answer wasn’t so kind.

“Second question, President Trump used the term ‘clean coal’ very broadly, it’s kind of a big basket term,” Davenport said. “Can you say specifically what this administration means precisely and technically when they use that term?”

The tour had already touched on the topic and Perry didn’t feel like he should have to repeat himself.

“I’m not being facetious or rude here, but you just spent 30 minutes getting a really good education about what clean coal is,” he said.

He continued:

“One of the challenges we have because of the last eight years of a clear anti-coal administration is that other countries have moved forward with the technology. There are other countries that are making advances in clean coal technology that we historically led the world in. We need to get that edge back.”

I’m not going to lie, that’s pretty epic.

The reason he was so short with Carol was because shortly before the tour, the media was briefed about what made the plant so advanced.

Davenport was merely trying to trip Perry up or try to get him to show his “ignorance” on the topic with that question. Fortunately, he’s a lot smarter than the media gives him credit for and that’s his secret weapon.

H/T: The Daily Caller

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