Moonbat Tech: Pedal Power

Now that Germany has turned its back on modern technology by renouncing nuclear energy, it will need an alternative. Germans certainly won’t want to molest the polar bears by falling back on fossil fuels. Fortunately, there is pedal power.

If we boost the research on pedal powered technology – trying to make up for seven decades of lost opportunities – and steer it in the right direction, pedals and cranks could make an important contribution to running a post-carbon society that maintains many of the comforts of a modern life. The possibilities of pedal power largely exceed the use of the bicycle.

One way to solve the large energy losses of pedal power generators is not to produce electricity at all but power devices mechanically, whenever possible.

An example is the Fender Blender:


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Other pedal-powered devices include “water pumps, grinders, threshers, tile makers, nut shellers, washing machines and blenders,” not to mention washing machines, soap blenders, and apple grinders. Admittedly there is a downside:

One obvious disadvantage of designing a pedal powered machine for every application in the household, farm or workshop is that you need a lot of space. Furthermore, designing a pedal power unit for every tool might become labour-intensive, costly and energy-intensive.

No kidding. But not to worry — moonbat scientists have invented the Dynapod:


The Dynapod could drive pumps, corn grinders, winnowing machines, forge blowers, grinding machines, drilling machines, potter’s wheels, paint sprayers, crop dusting equipment, cassave graters, coffee pulpers, grain hullers, fibre decorticators, threshers, balers, band saws, tire pumps and sewing machines.

We will still need some electricity, to light up the toxic mercury-filled curlicue light bulbs Big Government is mandating. That’s where pedal power plants come in:


Who needs nuclear energy or fossil fuels? With a global edict imposing pedal power on all activities, the carbon era will be behind us forever.

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