Baby Tiger Who Was REJECTED By Her Mother is ADOPTED By A Black Labrador [Video]

Adorable, but I sure hope they declawed that baby tiger or did something to protect the dog. Truly endearing, but soon, that lovable kitty cat will be bigger than the Labrador. The thing with big cats is they are just like little cats… they don’t know that their play can hurt non-felines. One playful bite with those incisors and the relationship will take a turn for the painful. Right now, it is very cute and they obviously love each other. Later, as the predatory instinct kicks in, well, let’s just say… nice teeth.

From BuzzPo:

Talk about cute overload! At a zoo in India, a 2-month old tiger cub was rejected by its mother and subsequently adopted by a Labrador dog named Genie.

According to the zookeeper, “They are like (mother) and son. There are many visitors coming just to see the dog and the tiger cub. For the public it’s a new attraction seeing the tiger cub very friendly with the dog. They mainly come here to see the dog and tiger.”

It does bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart to see them roll and play and then to see the little tiger suckle the Labrador mommie. It embodies everything that is precious and good. Innocence and playfulness in cute animals like this is great therapy for humans under the Obama Administration. For a moment you are transported into the carefree play of selfless animals and you can forget all that is bad in the world. I love dogs and cats – these two are just huggable and pettable. Sometimes the world is as it should be and not what we have made of it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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