‘Blues Clues’ Star Disappeared 15 Years Ago – We Finally Know Why…

‘Blues Clues’ Star Disappeared 15 Years Ago – We Finally Know Why…

Fifteen years ago, the upbeat host of Blue’s Clues disappeared from the air. Steve Burns, now 46, hosted the popular show aimed at toddlers starting in 1995 with audience numbers hitting 10 million every week.

The actor was so well-loved that he was even declared by People magazine to be one of America’s most eligible bachelors in 2000.

But in 2002, without any explanation, the popular host passed the torch to Joe, played by Donovan Patton and disappeared from the screen. Without a firm explanation, theories ran wild with some speculating that he was dead or a drug addict. The rumors were so persistent that Steve’s mother called him in tears asking if he was okay. Nowadays, social media makes it easy to keep track of entertainers who leave the scene, but in 2002 there was no easy way to find out the fate of Steve.

But now, we finally have an answer to the question: Why did Steve leave Blue’s Clues?

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It wasn’t simply due to the fame or the stress. Sure, they contributed, but that wasn’t the big reason.

It was his hair.

He explains to the Daily Mail:

“I was going bald and I kind of looked around and I’m like – the people who decided that I should wear these pants are not going to choose a wig with any dignity for me. It’s just not going to happen.”

He goes on to explain that it was the hair loss combined with a healthy attitude towards his role.

‘Everyone wants there to be a dramatic answer and there’s not. I wish I had a cool answer for this, but I just – I did it for like seven years and it just seemed like time to go. It just seemed like the right time,’ he said.

‘I was just getting older and I kind of occupied this weird older brother space on that show. Like I was sort of an adult, but not really.’
He added: ‘It just really felt like a good, comfortable time to go and I felt like this show is awesome – and it felt like a very comfortable thing. There wasn’t any weird dramatic or more interesting answer than that.’

Of course, the stress of performance added to his decision, but it wasn’t the primary factor.

‘To be honest with you, I was just really burned out. I was in every take of every show every day for all those years on a blue screen, so I was like, I just didn’t have any more performance left in the show business land.’

Today, Steve is alive and well and working as a voice over artist.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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