This cat has the most hilarious reaction when his owner puts on a monster mask to scare him [Video]

I’m an unabashed pet lover. I adore cats and I am crazy about dogs — even the homeliest of the lot steals my heart. Having said that, the hairless Sphynx breed is a bit of a shock the first time you see them. No hair (well, very little and what they do have is fuzz), lots of wrinkles – you feel like you are looking at a loosely wrapped bag of bones or revisiting a nightmare from Auschwitz. Not really sure which. However, trust me when I say they are just as lovable as any furry cat. I’m not sure which is scarier in the video… the werewolf mask or Smeagol the cat (aptly named, don’t you think?).

Smeagol the Cat (Sphynx Breed)

From Rare:

Smeagol the cat was a little more than freaked out when his owner comes rolling into the room with a monster mask on trying to freak him out.

Now, I know this was all meant in fun and it is funny… but maybe not so much to the kitty. That poor cat looked and sounded terrified. Since cats don’t appreciate Halloween and a good scare the way we do, this was perhaps not the kindest thing you could do to Smeagol. The werewolf looks like a dog, their worst predatory enemy, and it stimulates the fight or flight response. With cats, it’s usually ‘fight.’ I’m just glad there was not a puncture episode due to mistaken identity here. Be a shame to get blood all over the rug and all that. It is better to love and pet your cat, than scare the crap out of it. Saves trauma on both sides of the pet equation.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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