Hilarious Video Shows Dad Who is Unable to Keep From Laughing While Confronting Sons About the ‘Big Trouble’ They’re In

Well, I needed that. Laughed till I cried. These boys remind me of my son when he was little and we told him to put the Legos in the tub – we meant the bucket. After putting all of them in the bathtub, he proudly came and told us. We laughed and laughed and it has become a family joke. I can relate with the father – I have always had, and still do, have a hard time punishing without laughing. They are just too cute – but boy, are they in trouble.

Image source: YouTube

From The Blaze:

Yeah. Little boys + face paint + innocent looks = a case of whodunit.

“Who’s idea was this?” Dad asked.

Cue cute-lip face and shrug to see if that defers Dad’s question.

Nope, Dad goes unfazed.

“Did you think this was a good idea?” Dad pressed.

Continue blank look and shake head earnestly and prepare oneself for the next question

“Who got the paint out?”

This says it all.

Now Dad knew the paint wasn’t in an easily accessible location, so how did the brother get to contraband art supply?

After a mute demonstration with his hands, the older brother (the one in the blue shirt) finally found his voice and explained that the younger built a set of stairs out of blocks.

Onward to potential punishments.

“Do you think you guys should have time outs?”

No, definitely not. The older brother shook his head with the younger taking the hint to follow suit.

“Do you think I should not give you guys any more juice?”

Head shake again with a long stare at the younger brother to get him to show his solidarity that this too was an unacceptable punishment for their crime.

With two camouflaged faces looking at him, eyes appearing as innocent as possible (except for the younger one who has a harder time hiding his guilt), Dad lost it.

Oh, he’s laughing? Try laughing too.

They have a bright future as either artists or painters. Maybe engineers. The looks are priceless. I can’t imagine what the rest of ‘downstairs’ looks like. Perhaps someone should watch them a bit closer and lock up the painting supplies a bit tighter. Just sayin’. What disturbed me though were the comments after the YouTube video. People accused the father of staging this – I don’t believe this was staged at all. Any parent could picture this. Some of those comments called for punishing the children severely or not having children. What’s wrong with you? You manage to take an innocent act of childhood that is beyond funny and make it into something horrid. Me… I found this just too funny and cute for words.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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