Hollywood Plans Pro-Communist Version of Anti-Communist Animal Farm

George Orwell might have seen this coming.

In his most famous work 1984, Orwell describes a totalitarian society in which history is constantly rewritten to meet the momentary political needs of the ruling party, on the theory that those who control the present control the past, and those who control the past control the future. Another well-known work warning of the perils of oligarchical collectivism is Animal Farm, in which a socialist revolution leaves everyone but those who end up in power worse off than before. Applying the principles of the former book to the latter, we have the next obscenity to be excreted by Hollywood:

Actor Andy Serkis is set to direct an upcoming movie adaptation of George Orwell’s classic novel Animal Farm. But there will be a slight deviation from the story’s original focus: rather than serve as a cautionary tale about Communist totalitarianism, this updated version will address Hollywood’s predictable, go-to embodiment of evil, the Darth Vader of our time: corporate greed.

That is, the anti-communist story will be twisted around to advance the ideological objectives of communists.

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What would expect from the leftist oligarchs of Tinseltown?

Gibbers Serkis,

“First and foremost, we are not making a film about Communism and Stalinism because if Orwell was writing the story today, he would be talking about other relevant topics like globalization and corporate greed.”

Yeah right. A more likely possibility is that Orwell

might be taking up his pen against the abuses of government surveillance, the left’s alliance with the creeping totalitarianism of Islamic theocracy, and the oppression inherent in the left’s shrewd manipulation of political language, such as its relentless push for submission to speech codes and its intolerance of politically incorrect expression.

Typically of left-wing propaganda, the movie will be targeted toward an audience too innocent to laugh it off.

“We’re making a family film,” said Serkis. Of course, because progressives are nothing if not proselytizers for their political religion, and they know how critical it is to preach their gospel to the youth. Hence all the family-friendly, anti-corporate, animated environmentalist propaganda films in recent years like Wall-E, Happy Feet, and The Lorax. Serkis’ Animal Farm seems destined to be burdened by a similar sort of heavy-handed agitprop.

From here, the commies running Hollywood can press ahead with a version of Atlas Shrugs that extols socialism and attacks “corporate greed” and the long-overdue film version of The Gulag Archipelago praising the just and humane ways of the Soviet government. Then they might broaden their perspective with a biblical epic promoting homosexuality.

Repurposed by the people he warned us about.

On a tip from Wilberforce. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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